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  • Lee Opposes Intervention in Syrian Civil War
    by kcsg.com news
    Published - 09/05/13 - 09:05 AM | 5 5 comments | 15 15 recommendations | email to a friend | print
    Senator Mike Lee
    Senator Mike Lee
    (WASHINGTON, DC) – Senator Mike Lee released the following statement in opposition to U.S. military action in Syria:

    “The administration has indicated its goal is to use limited military action to significantly degrade Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons against his own people and to deter future attacks. After hearing from the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs in a top-secret briefing, I do not believe that the range of options the president is considering will accomplish this military objective, and therefore I cannot now support intervention into the Syrian civil war.

    “First, it remains unclear how the president’s plan to execute limited strikes would prevent Assad from using chemical weapons again or even make it less likely. Second, it is entirely possible that ineffective U.S. strikes would embolden Assad to become even more ruthless towards his people.

    “Finally, I am greatly concerned that in order to achieve the president’s goal, the U.S. would be required to become much more deeply involved in the Syrian civil war than the administration is willing to commit. The real threat to U.S. credibility is not what happens if we don’t intervene, but what happens if we do without a plan for what comes next.

    “The risks of the president’s strategy far outweigh the possible gains. We cannot ask our men and women in uniform to engage in a military conflict that does not present a national security threat to the United States. Instead, the U. S. should work vigorously to identify and neutralize any real threats to our national security – such as the proliferation of chemical weapons. We must work to ensure that chemical weapons in Syria do not get into the hands of groups that will use them against American or western targets.”

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    Air Force Veteran
    September 05, 2013
    Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah)

    •District: Junior Senator from Utah

    •Education: Brigham Young U., B.A. 1994 (political science); Brigham Young U., J.D. 1997

    •Military Service: None

    "Quite the expert for having no military experience.
    September 05, 2013
    Perhaps he has no military experience, but it sounds like he has some common sense - a rarity in Washington these days. His comments sound spot-on to me!
    Appreciative But..
    September 05, 2013
    I appreciate everyone's service to their country regardless of the cause. Service people here their orders and execute without fear.

    - - - Having said that - - -

    Those who have faced conflict are not now educated on when to fight, or when to flight. Should we decide to fight, you bet, I think our service people will know exactly how to execute. However, the decision to go to conflit/battle/whatever, doesn't need to be made by anyone with service experience. There are expert historaians without having lived in history, as there are experts on war without setting foot on a battle field.

    Can't we just let the Hawks circle for awhile and come up with what happens when this all blows up in our face (again)
    September 05, 2013
    Not sure why he needs to have military experience, and no one is claiming he is an expert Air Force Veteran. He is a senator, and he sounds like a sane, rational person. His colleagues that are arguing for intervention don't sound nearly as rational.
    September 05, 2013
    And your counter arguments are...? And you contributed what exactly to the Air Force? Either present an alternative to the senator's well-thought statements or you're just another armchair analyst as you claim he is.
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