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    by kcsg.com news
    Published - 08/30/13 - 03:14 PM | 1 1 comments | 34 34 recommendations | email to a friend | print
    (ENOCH, Utah) - On August 22, an Enoch City resident received a phone call from a “Taylor and Associates” law firm with a phone number of 216-744-9385. They advised victim she had a cash advance loan due and if she did not send money they would come and arrest her. The victim did send them money using an electronic transaction. On 08-23-13 the subject called back and threatened the victim. The victim told them she was calling the police. The caller hung up and the victim called the police. At this point the caller reported to be “Eric” (scammer) called Iron County Sheriff’s Office. He was trying to gather information about anything which was not given to him. The caller was able to use the ICSO phone number of 435-867-7500 and call the victim back. (The use of another person’s phone number is called spoofing.) She assumed it was Sheriff’s Office calling and answered. The caller stated his name was Sgt. Chris Tripplet and he was on his way to arrest her. As the victim had called the police, an officer responded to the victims’ home. While at the home the caller called again, and the officer talked with the caller and identified himself as law enforcement. The caller was very confrontational with the officer and the phone call was ended. When the officer talked with the suspect, it was evident he had a Middle Eastern accent.

    When the officer returned to the office he contacted the caller and the caller answered the phone as “Law Office Attorney Taylor”. When the officer started talking with the caller on the phone he identified himself as “Sgt. Chris Tripplet” and then changed it to “Sgt. Chuck Tripplet”. After speaking with the caller for some time, the suspect told the officer “not to call back” and ended the phone call.

    We want to advise the public this is a scam and to know this is not new to the United States. It has been going on throughout the US for several years. This same scam occurred locally a few years ago. The Iron County Sheriff’s Office will not call you and request payment for any outstanding debt, nor advise you we will be out to arrest you.

    We are advising the public if you have not called law enforcement and believe it may be a scam, to ask for a call back phone number from the caller. You can then contact the agency (using the phone number listed in the phone directory) in which the caller stated they are from to confirm the caller’s identity.

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    September 01, 2013
    Looks like several others received calls from that scammer, too. I looked up the phone number and http://www.callercenter.com/216-744-9385.html came up along with several complaints associating the phone number to this payday loan scam.
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