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  • Utah Democrats Disappointed in Chad Bennion, GOP
    by Anna Thompson
    Published - 08/15/13 - 09:04 AM | 3 3 comments | 18 18 recommendations | email to a friend | print
    (SALT LAKE CITY, Utah) - With news breaking that Salt Lake County Republican Party Chair Chad Bennion may be using his office to pursue a personal grudge against Salt Lake County DA Sim Gill, Utah Democratic Party Chair Jim Dabakis issued the following statement Wednesday;

    “This latest development in the Chad Bennion saga follows a pattern that is becoming all too familiar – top level Utah Republican officials using their offices to further personal interests. Whether it’s in the highest executive positions of the state, or a county party, this long-term one party rule has led to a culture of arrogance that continues to be incredibly disappointing.”

    “Sim Gill’s story is the American story – his success is the American Dream. We are proud to live in a place that could make a journey like his possible. Sim is a man of unusual integrity and honor, above reproach. He is a man who always places fairness and justice ahead of partisanship. A man Utah is in desperate need of at this moment.”

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    August 16, 2013
    I don't know Sim Gill, but I spent a few years working with his dad. His father is a good man. I know many of the leaders of the Sikh temple in Utah.

    I think Chad Bennion is badly referring to what Sim himself has said, but not doing a great job of doing it, or the press is not connecting the dots.


    (from that account)

    Gill, 52, spoke in a faint Indian accent of a formative moment from his youth, to a classroom of 13 students recently at the University of Utah. At the age of “eight or nine” in his native India, Gill said, he witnessed the brutal beating of a man accused of stealing jewelry from a neighbor’s home, and in the end, the beating of an innocent man.

    “That left a very strong impression on me,” Gill said, “that when you have that authority, when you have that power, when you have that capacity to alter and impact people’s lives, you have to really use that with a great level of deference and responsibility.”

    I believe Utah has seen a large problem from Ogden to other places in the state of an abuse of power by a few members of the police, based on the 4th amendment and state law. I have no problem with Sim Gill calling them on it.
    August 15, 2013
    Leave it to Jim Dabakis to make divisive comments. Yeah, Chad Bennion is arrogant and dumb, but the antidote to establishment Republicans like Bennion certainly isn't far-left liberal Democrats like Dabakis.
    Just an Observer
    August 15, 2013
    Many Republicans are disappointed in Chad Bennion as well. This shouldn't be dismissed as a disgruntled Democrats issue. This is a disappointed Utahns issue.
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